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It’s your hearing health! Johns Hopkins Studies show untreated hearing loss can lead to further complications including..
These studies show if our brain was born with normal stimulus through our ears its recommended to extend that stimulus the rest of your life for mental clarity. Keeping the hair cells in our cochlea stimulated can also help us maintain balance. Click each link to read the full study.
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Sandy H.
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This is the most accommodating company I have ever done business with! There is nothing Ryan won’t do you get your hearing aid comfortable and working it’s optimal best. He also provides free batteries. I would recommend him and his company to anyone I know.
David G.
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Ryan really is a true professional. Always responds to my needs asap! Love that guy. Great follow up after the sale. Great job Ryan He also provides free batteries. I would recommend him and his company to anyone I know.
Bob A.
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Very professional specialist. Ryan was totally honest and up front. He explained "in laymans" terms every step we did. I gained alot of knowledge of the hearing aids and he was very patient to listen to my needs and concerns. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who needs the test and wants a caring individual to help them thru the process. 5 star for excellent meeting.--- Bob
Ernest M.
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Ryan Conklin was wonderful. Is a fast worker, very patient in explaining very thing to me and my mother. Very caring person. I would recommend to others.
Don M.
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Ryan is a knowledgeable and very personable businessman who was able to demonstrate and provide me with a wonderful solution to my hearing problems. He was very kind and proved to me that he was trustworthy and had my needs as his first priority. I am very satisfied with his service and the products he represents.
Gary F.
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I am an 84 year old man that needed help with my hearing aids. Ryan saw me the day I contacted him. Ryan is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and helped me when I needed help. He’s a 10 star, but they only have 5 above!
Nori S.
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I happened to meet Ryan Conklin at an event and how lucky for me- I have some brand new hearing aids as a result! Although I very much needed hearing aids, I have been putting it off as I had some a few years ago that were very ineffective. While meeting with Ryan, he listened to my concerns very carefully As well as he was extremely patient in my process. He made sure that I got exactly what I needed at a very reasonable price. My hearing aids are very new but I already am now comfortable with what he suggested as well as I am hearing much better and clearer than ever before. I would highly recommend going with Ryan for your needs with hearing aids.
Cheryl H.
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I had a very positive experience with Ryan. He really worked to get me hearing the way I should be.
Joel P.
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Quick and easy. Very clear explanation. Very understanding of what I need fix my hearing aid. Very helpful.
Richard S.
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Ryan came to my office and tuned up my Phonak hearing aids and did everything onsite. He was professional and knowledgeable and solved my problem without me having to go to the Audiologist office and wait my turn. He was efficient, proficient and did it all very quickly, including the beep test. Would recommend Ryan for anyone who has hearing aid issues and just wants their expensive equipment to work optimally.
rob K.
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Ryan is very honest and handles elderly and disabled patients very well. He is very patient with my mom who suffers from dementia. He was efficient, proficient and did it all very quickly, including the beep test. Would recommend Ryan for anyone who has hearing aid issues and just wants their expensive equipment to work optimally.
Brent B.
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Extremely helpful and informative visit.
Stephen O.
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I have significant hearing loss. I've worn hesrihe aids for more than 30 years. I could not hear dialogue on the TV or at the movies. Ryan fitted me with new aids on December 18. What a difference!! It took about 10 days to "hear" sounds differently. I've recovered a lot more perception around me. Wife and family are happier!
Keith C.
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The gentleman was a true professional in every way and supports his customers. He is an asset to the hearing industry
Anne W.
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I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hearing aids. Excellent service In Home!
Ann L.
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Ryan is an excellent hearing specialist. Have gone to others and he is by far the best one to date. You won't be disappointed in contacting him for any hearing questions or resetting your current set of hearing aids.
A A.
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I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our audiologist, Ryan Conklin. He is a true professional at what he does who is always available and enjoys helping others with their hearing issues. He is a godsend for my mother who was feeling frustrated and depressed with her hearing loss as a senior citizen. He reassured her with his compassion and kindness that she can be whole again by trusting in the technology to deliver a better quality of life. Even my mother commented by saying “estoy muy agradecida porque haz cambiado mi vida”. Once again thank you, Mr Conklin and God Bless. -Rudy
Peter G.
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I highly recommend HHE...I have a very challenging problem as I only hear partially out of one ear. Ryan was able take care of all my hearing needs in one sitting. That hasn't been done before...very professional service
Rena B.
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I was here from Washington state and lost a part of my hearing aides. Not only did he give me the pieces but also gave a quick clean and some Great advice....because he actual LISTENED to me....on which units I should have. Makes me want to fly down and keep him. So nice. Professional. Smart. I'm so impressed. I hope management will notice how phanominal this professional is. Rena bunting--spokane washingston
Rena B.
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Ryan is very professional and good at what he does. He improved my mom’s quality of life by making her hearing aide work properly after years of others’ failed attempts!

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