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Ryan Conklin is serial entrepreneur originally from St. Louis, Missouri where he started as a professional street teamer for local concert venues. He loved spreading information on the coolest sounds going on in the city, getting people active and socializing. After around a decade in the concert industry he knew he wanted more. He was professionally trained to fit hearing aids by the largest private company at the time, Accuquest. Here is where he learned how to fit and program all major manufacturers. He prides himself on making connections with people and addressing problems as they continue to come up in audiology. We know it’s not the choice of hearing aid that’s the biggest problem in the industry, it’s how they are programmed. This is why he is dedicated to continuously building rapport with his clients so we both have knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for your particular needs. Leaving ego at the door Ryan is confident he can help you hear the way you want to.

Our Team

Ryan Conklin has been helping people hear in multiple states for close to a decade. He prides himself on repairing people's current set before trying to sell a new one. In order to get the recommended amount of volume you will need time to adjust over multiple visits. It's then recommended to get your hearing aids tested and reset every 6 months for the rest of your life.

Ryan Conklin

Owner Operator

Laurie has 25 years of experience professionally and meticulously managing all aspects of multiple successful medical agencies.

Laurie Price

Medical Office Executive

Work with Someone Who Cares the Most

If there is one thing Ryan is known for in the hearing industry it’s his passion to help people hear. Follow up care is crucial in audiology. Here we position ourselves as physical therapists for the ears to help people understand they will need continued care the rest of their lives. We recommend tests and resets every 6 months and are happy to clean and check the hearing aids whenever you choose! Be sure both your phone and hearing aids have the latest firmware for best Bluetooth connections.

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Hearing for Hospice

Ryan is so dedicated to serving the community that in 2023 he realized providing free hearing tests was not enough and again wanted to do more. After being informed how much hearing aids helped a passing client communicate with their family, Ryan knew what he needed to do. He instantly created the non profit Hearing for Hospice. We realize hearing aids may be the last on everyone’s priority list but want to make the last conversations patients have during passing as seamless as possible. If Ryan has positively impacted your life through audiology and you want to give back to your community email  Ryan@hearinghealthaz.com about how to donate.

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