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Ryan Conklin has been practicing audiology since 2013. After graduating college in St. Louis, Missouri, he helped market his family’s speech pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavior therapy staffing company. Inspired by his families impact in the healthcare industry, he knew he had to open his own practice. He has helped people hear in 4 different states with numerous providers and is now committed to Phoenix Arizona as a small business owner. He will do a thorough evaluation while explaining the pro’s and con’s of each manufacturer before finally demonstrating any major brand you choose. Give him a call today!


At Hearing Health AZ, we strive to give the client exactly what they are looking for. This is the reason we work with all major manufacturers. We will start with a series of hearing tests to determine which type of hearing aids will work best for you. We then present multiple hearing aid manufacturers so you can confirm that instrument works best for you.
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Video Otoscopy

Have you ever seen your eardrum? The specialist will check your eardrum to make sure its clean, healthy, and ready for testing.

Air Conduction Test

This is a tonal test where the specialist will present a series of tones through headphones to confirm if the frequencies are in the normal range or not.

Word Recognition Test

A series of words will be presented at a volume covering the loss to confirm that with the volume comes the clarity. If there is still an issue with clarity auditory deprivation most likely has occurred.
Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction Test

Like the air conduction test, it is also a tonal test but this time specialist presents the tones through a bone oscillator. This test confirms whether or not a medical issue is going on in the ear or if the solution is going to be volume.
looking in ear

What is Auditory Deprivation?

Auditory Deprivation is a condition that occurs in individuals suffering from hearing loss where their brain loses the ability to interpret words due to a lack of stimulation over an extended period of time. This is the number 1 reason to address your hearing loss sooner rather than later!

Hearing Loss Studies

Johns Hopkins studies show that hearing loss disrupts more than just speech understanding. Hearing Loss Linked to Three-Fold Risk of Falling. Hearing Loss and Dementia Linked in Study. Check out our Health Health Education page for more information!

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