Oticon Wax Guards


Help keep your hearing aids from ear wax build up with the NoWax filters. Suitable for older generation Oticon Hearing aids.

Includes: Pack of 6 NoWax filters


Each person’s wax maintenance routine is different depending on your wax built-up, as well as the length of time your use your hearing aids for each day. We recommend cleaning your hearing aid pieces regularly to prevent the wax built up around the hearing aid parts. Prolonging the life of your hearing aid and helping keep them in the best working order.

Your ear canal produces ear wax which may clog up the earpiece. Ear wax is one of the main causes of problems in hearing aids.

When to change your wax guard:

Wax guards require changing regularly, most commonly every 3-4 weeks.

Everyone is different when it comes to the time to change your wax guard, but we recommend changing it when the sound quality from the aid/receiver starts to dip. Sometimes you can visibly see how built up the wax filter is, this can indicate to you when to change it.

Compatibility with hearing aids:

The NoWax filters are compatible with older generation Oticon hearing aids only. Please feel free to call one of our experts and we can check the suitability for you. 01455 245749

We do advise you always use the same type of wax filter as that originally supplied with your hearing aid. If you are in any doubt about the use or replacement of wax filters, contact your hearing care professional.

What’s Included?
  • Pack of 6 NoWax filters
  • Each filter includes a tool to help you remove and attach your new filter
  • Holder case for all your used and new filters
How do I change my Oticon NoWax wax guard?

When changing your wax filters is also recommended to clean the area around the filter to ensure all wax is removed from the receiver before inserting your new filter. Ensuring your hands are clean and dry before changing your wax guard to ensure the best possible cleanliness.

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