Signia Click Sleeves 2.0


The Signia Click Sleeves are an adaptable and disposable alternative to regular wax guards. The soft-silicone Click Sleeve ensures a level of comfort and retention of the hearing aid in your ear like never before. Available in both closed and vented varieties of different sizes. Choose your size and type below.

Compatible with Signia, Specsavers Advance & AudioService hearing aids.

Includes: Pack of 6 Click Sleeves


The Signia Click Sleeves are a flexible and disposable alternative to regular wax guards. The soft-silicone Click Sleeve guarantees a level of comfort and hearing aid retention like never before.

The Signia Click Sleeves 2.0 has premium acoustic coupling which offers tremendous feedback stability, giving you superior wearing comfort and retention. Signia Click uses an instant fitting system to help ease the process and keep your hearing aids firmly in place.

They feature a helpful side indicator that provides you with a guide when inserting into your hearing aids. What’s more, clever turn protection features deliver extraordinary wearing comfort.

Changing your Sleeves:

Hearing aid sleeves are used every day and can endure wear and tear over time. We recommend changing your sleeves around once per month, although this can vary from person to person depending on usage and your wax build-up.

Signia Click Sleeves are incredibly easy to change. A simple pinch of the top will release the dome from the receiver, and you can then place the new dome on top. A small clicking noise can be heard when safely inserted.


These Click Sleeves are compatible with a large variety of hearing aids such as Signia and Specsavers Advance as well as Audio Service which uses the Signia MiniReceiver 2.0. Please see below for some example compatible hearing aids.

  • Signia: Xperience, NX & Primax
  • Audio Service: G6, G5 & G4
  • Specsavers Advance: 19 Series, 18 Series, 17 Series & 16 Series

If you are unsure about your hearing aids’ compatibility, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support staff who will be happy to assist you.

Types & Sizes:

The Signia Click Sleeves come in a variety of types and sizes which will be recommended to you by your audiologist at the time of your fitting. Please note that due to hygiene purposes domes are NON-RETURNABLE once opened.

Here is a helpful guide to each dome variant:

  • Vented = X-small, Small, Medium, or Large
  • Closed = X-small, Small, Medium, or Large


Each pack of Signia Click Sleeves pack comes in a pack of 6, giving you 3 pairs of brand new domes.

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