Signia Wax Guards 3.0


Signia NanoCare are replacement wax guards for the Signia 3.0 range, including the Signia Mini Receiver 3.0 and Signia Thin Tubes 3.0. Keep your hearing aid working at peak performance by protecting it from dirt and earwax build-up!

Brand: Signia

This product includes: x8 Signia wax guards


Changing your wax guard depends entirely on personal use and ear wax build-up. Most hearing aid users will change their wax guard every 3-4 weeks, yet for others, it could be fortnightly or every other month. When you clean your hearing aid, monitor your ear wax production – if your wax filter is clogged, you will know that it is time for a change.

How to use:

These steps will work for many hearing aids. However, if your hearing aid has a dome, you will need to take this off before changing your wax guard. To remove your wax guard, follow this simple process:

  1. A new wax guard will typically come mounted to the end of a tool that looks like a stick, and on the other end of the tool, you will have a pin.
  2. Remove the tool from the package and push the pin into the used wax guard.
  3. Gently pull the tool until the used guard is released.
  4. After the used guard has been removed, you will need to insert the new guard. Use the tool to place the new guard into the speaker/ receiver.
  5. Remove the tool, and the new guard should be securely housed in your hearing aid ready for use.


These NanoCare wax guards are only compatible with the Signia 3.0 Mini Receiver or the 3.0 Mini Tubes.


  • 8 Signia wax guards

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