Signia Wax Guards 2.0 (twist)


Signia Wax Guards are designed for all hearing aids that use the Signia MiniReceiver 2.0.

Each wax guard stick will allow you to remove the used wax guard and replace with a new one using a simple 2 step removal and insertion process.

Brand: Signia

This product includes: x1 pack of x8 wax guards


Wax guards should usually be changed every 2-3 weeks; however, this can vary from person to person depending on personal use and earwax build-up. The best thing to do is monitor your own earwax production, and you can do this every time you clean your hearing aid. Most of the time you can visibly see how build-up your wax filter is, and this indicates that it is time to change. We also recommend changing your wax filter when the sound quality from the aid/receiver starts to dip.

Before changing your wax filter, we advise giving the area around the filter a thorough clean to ensure that all earwax is removed from the receiver.

How to use:

Each wax guard stick will have 2 tips. The tip for the used wax filter is black, and the tip for the new wax guard is white.

Step 1 – Use the black tip to remove the used wax filter from the receiver. You can do this by firmly pressing into the used wax guard with the black tip until released.

Make sure you check inside and around the receiver for any excess earwax. If there is, be sure to clean it off before inserting your new wax guard.

Step 2- As soon as the used wax filter is removed, firmly press into the receiver using the white tip. When you release the tip, the wax guard will be securely placed.


These wax guards are compatible with all hearing aids that use the Signia MiniReceiver wire. These include:

  • Signia
  • Siemens
  • Specsavers Advance
  • Audio Service

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carry case for new & used wax guard sticks
  • Simple 2-step removal and insertion
  • Ergonomic shape sticks for good grip

Included in the box:

  • 1 pack containing 8 wax guards

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