Starkey Hearing Aid Comfort Buds Domes


Starkey domes designed as Comfort Buds to provide comfort, acoustics, retention, and protection for Starkey hearing aid users. It serves as the first and best line of defence against dirt, debris, and cerumen.

Brand: Starkey

This product includes: 10x Comfort Buds (Domes)


People wear their hearing aids for long lengths of time, so domes must be safe, secure, and comfortable. The unique contour of the Comfort Buds provides consistent, long-term comfort. Other domes may touch certain parts of the ear canal wall, causing an unequal feeling or pressure points in the ear, whereas the equal and sturdy wall sections of the Comfort Bud help to eliminate hot spots, providing ultimate comfort.

Open Comfort Buds:

The open Comfort Bud is designed to provide both comfort and maximum acoustic openness. The vents on the open Comfort Bud are positioned to reduce contact with the ear canal wall which reduces itchiness and points of pressure.


The occluded Comfort Bud provides consistent occlusion (secure/close-fitting). Other types of earbuds may fold or irregularly bend upon insertion into the ear, reducing the acoustic seal of the earbud. The Comfort Bud has a retaining ring to help it to resist puckering even when the earbud is being constricted. Achieved occlusion with other earbud designs may differ greatly depending upon earbud position or placement; with the occluded Comfort Bud, a more consistent fit can be achieved with each insertion.

Retention in the ear:

The unique design of the Comfort Bud allows it to provide consistent retention whilst in the ear. It is designed to wrap around the first bend of the ear canal to achieve greater far greater retention than other models. Unlike other earbuds, which may press against the bend of the ear or fold up against the ear canal wall, the Comfort Bud is designed to adapt to ear canal irregularities for the snuggest fit possible.

Protection against wax:

The Comfort Bud is a strong barrier between your ear and the hearing aid receiver. The wax bridge deflects dirt and debris to protect the acoustic port. Its flexible design allows it to move and bend, thereby preventing cerumen and dirt from being scooped into unwanted areas during hearing aid insertions and removals.

Starkey Comfort Buds / Domes Named Cropped

How to use:

It is recommended that domes should be changed every one to two months, however, this can vary from person to person.

  1. Removing a dome is simple and can be done by firmly grasping the speaker/ thin tube and pulling off the old dome.
  2. After you have safely removed your dome from the hearing aid, take the new home in your hand and place it in the same spot as your old dome. Push the new dome firmly to ensure that it is securely fastened.


The Comfort Buds are compatible with all Starkey RIC receivers/ thin tubes.


  • 10 Comfort Buds (Domes)

Product specification:


Open: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm & 11mm

Occluded: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm & 11mm

Please note that we can help identify the dome type and size that you need, but domes are non-refundable once opened due to health and hygiene purposes. Please be sure about your dome type and size before purchasing.

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