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Oticon makes hearing aids that are famous for their superior sound quality. As technology leaders of the industry, Oticon constantly strives towards their vision: a world where hearing loss is no limitation. They challenge conventions and push the limits of technology to change the lives of people with hearing loss. This has been Oticon’s mission for more than 100 years – ever since their founder Hans Demant helped his wife Camilla with one of the first electronic hearing aids in the world.

How to Change Wax Filter

How to Change Dome

As the only privately held and American-owned company in its industry, Starkey is recognized across the globe as a premier provider in hearing healthcare. Our belief that each hearing life deserves special, individualized treatment is evident in all our operations, including groundbreaking work in hearing aid manufacturing and our global philanthropic endeavors.

Micro RIC 312 Hear Clear Removal and Replacement

Comfort Bud Replacement for a Micro RIC 312

Signia, a brand within WS Audiology, stands for iconic innovation. WS Audiology was formed in 2019 through the combination of Singapore-headquartered Sivantos and Denmark-based Widex, which means our roots go back all the way to 1878. Today, we employ more than 10,000 people worldwide and we are active in more than 125 markets. One out of three hearing aids is made by us.

How to Change the Wax Filter

How to Change Dome

Headquartered in Switzerland, and in the spirit of a true Swiss company, we have always valued superior quality and strive for unparalleled precision and reliability. Today we offer the broadest portfolio of hearing solutions. From pediatric to profound hearing loss, we remain committed to creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to be active and thrive mentally, socially and emotionally.

How to change Wax filter (custom)

How to Change Dome

How to change Wax filter

How to Clean

ReSound is the industry technology leader in hearing solutions. With roots that reach all the way back to 1943, ReSound has pioneered the hearing aid industry and delivered a number of hearing industry firsts. ReSound was the first to deliver 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity and the world’s first MFi® hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming. Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound is part of The GN Group, the global leader in intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

How to Clean

How to Change the Domes

How to Wax Traps

Proud provider of life-enhancing hearing care experiences you’ll love. Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer with worldwide operations headquartered in Waterloo Region, Canada. Originally founded in 1964, we’re proud of our legacy of excellence and commitment to outstanding product performance, design, and customer satisfaction.  Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron was established in 1964 and now has a global footprint, delivering an exceptional experience in over 60 countries.

How to Change Wax Trap

How to Change the Dome

Bluetooth Support – iPhone

Check out the instructional videos per your manufacturer below. You need to turn off and on your hearing aids to get it into pairing mode. It will be in pairing mode for about a minute. The basic idea is turning off and on hearing aid and connecting to phone then off and on hearing aid and connect to app. We are always happy to help pair your device. If you are still having trouble please call to schedule.

Bluetooth Support – Android

Check out the instructional videos per your manufacturer below. You will need to turn off and on your hearing aids to get them into pairing mode and have about a minute to connect them. With android you will definitely need to turn them on and off twice to connect. Once to connect to the phone. Once to connect to the App. If you are still having trouble after watching the videos below please call to schedule.

How to pair Signia hearing aids to an iPhone or iPad

How to pair Signia hearing aids to an Android smartphone

How to Pair Rechargeable Hearing Aids with iPhone®  myPhonak App

How to Pair Rechargeable Hearing Aids to an Android® phone | myPhonak App

How to pair Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids with an iPhone®

How to pair Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids with an Android™ phone

Connect iPhone to My Hearing Aids | Starkey

How to Pair Hearing Aids with an Android Phone for the First Time | Starkey

Real Ear Verification

The best part of working with Hearing Health Az is we have all the necessary tools to get your hearing as close to perfect as possible including Real Ear Verification! Whether you are working with a Dr of Audiology, Audiologist or HAD this is the ultimate verification that the hearing aids are hitting target so pick the type of provider you think you would get along with the most with the best availability. We know frustrations have gotten you here and unfortunately can keep on coming up in audiology everytime your hearing aids need recalibration. We promise to meet you on your level and explain it in easy to understand terms while providing care with the same exact tools every level professional in the industry is using. If you dont think your settings are up to snuff simply call today and request real ear verification!

Custom Bluetooth Hunter Hearing Protection

$ 1,599

SoundGear Phantom is the world’s first—and still most popular—custom, rechargeable, and Bluetooth® compatible hearing aid and protection device.

Non Bluetooth Custom Hearing Protection

$ 175

Commonly referred to as "Hocks Noise Breakers", these custom fit devices are made with medical grade high-strength silicone material.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

$ 49.95

Eargasm earplugs offers a discreet earplug design that is almost invisible to others with easy to insert and remove with convenient pull tabs.

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